Dalmatia magic

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This programme is perfect for experienced riders wanting fun, adventurous riding without having to move accommodation. This is an area that the Romans and Napoleon explored leaving behind a rich cultural heritage. On the roads though Dalmatia you will meet friendly and welcoming people and get to know the villages unspoilt by time where you can drink and swim in the clean spring water. You can enjoy listening to the buzzing of bees on the heather blossom and pick sweet red cherries.

Dalmatinska Zagora is protected by Dinara and Svilaja mountains and rich with fields and forests, watered by Cetina and numerous streams. You will make your way up river to Cetina and Peruca lake (famous as one of the places where the Winnetu films were filmed) to one of the sources of the river with the cleanest water in Europe where you can refresh yourself and swim with the horses.

Please note this itinerary should be used as a guideline and may be altered.


On arrival you will have the opportunity to visit the town of Sinj and the remains of the Grad Fort which was witness to numerous battles through the ages. In 1715 the people of Sinj drove away the powerful Turkish army which had besieged the town. Another monument of victory over the Turkish is the game called ALKA which has been performed every year since 1715. To celebrate the victory, the people of Sinj recreate the battle with horses and people from all over the world come to see this amazing game.

On the ranch you have the opportunity to get to know the other riders, the horses and your friendly hosts. Delicious local cuisine will be served at sunset, accompanied by wines from their own vineyards.


After breakfast on the ranch you will meet your horse and set off on your first ride. You will make your way through the big fields of Sinj where you can canter all the way to the Cetina river. You will have a short break by the river where you can refresh yourself by swimming with your horse. You will resume your ride trotting and cantering until lunch time.

After lunch you will leave the horses by the river and take a ten minute car trip to visit an old romantic village where time has stood still. You will visit a 300 year old mill that still works today in the same way as it did all those years ago. Around the mill there are numerous springs from which you can refresh yourself. There is an old wives tale that says if you swim in this water, as the ladies did in days gone by, then you will stay young forever. After relaxing in this wonderful spot, you will return to the horses and resume your ride with a gallop to the Kriz hill where you will be astounded by the amazing view of Sinj and its beautiful countryside. You will return to the ranch where you can sample home made wines and schnapps with your delicious dinner.


Following breakfast you will ride along the forest trails to the long fields where you will canter past the Brnaze village and climb your way up the Gaj hill to the place where you will receive a delicious lunch. You will enjoy the view of the fort in the town of Grad which was witness to battles against the Turks.

You will continue your way down, following old trails that will lead you all the way to the centre of the romantic town of Sinj. In the centre of the town you will be surrounded by history and culture. You will pass by an old church built 1713 years ago and the legend says the the Holy Lady of Sinj helped the local people to defend the town against the Turkish army. You will pass by a fort in the centre of the town of Kamicak. On the way back you will visit the Alkars stable and see their horses, which are near the racing track. You will enjoy a well deserved dinner. Today you will have ridden for about 4-5 hours.


Today you will ride to the little village of Han, where you will cross an old stone bridge on the Cetina river to continue up the hill to the mountains, leaving behind a breathtaking view of the valley. You will ride on tracks that no one has passed for a long time, that lead you to the Gljev village. The countryside has rich red soil, ancient stone walls and contrasts to the karst rock formation. This is a wonderful time to reflect and feel at one with nature whilst you are riding along the slow and windy roads. Lunch will be enjoyed on the amazing plateau.

Returning, you can once again stop and refresh yourselves at the Cetina river, perhaps enjoying a swim with the horses in the clean water. You can then canter back to the ranch through the valley of Glavice. Todays riding time totals 4-5 hours.


After breakfast you will trot and canter west towards the Cetina river, all the way to the little village of Jasensko. Passing by the village, the route leads through the forest trails back to the ranch, where you will enjoy local specialities for lunch.

After lunch you will have the chance to visit the UNESCO protected town of Split, which is Dalmatian’s most picturesque coastal town. You can visit the palace in the centre of town. There will be time to explore the town’s delightful meandering streets, the romantic harbour where you can see the fishermen in action, or weather permitting you can swim in the crystal clear Adriatic sea on one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia. You will return to the ranch for another delicious dinner and rest, ready for a longer riding day tomorrow. Total riding time is around 3 hours today.


Today you will experience some more beautiful landscape as you ride into the heart of Dalmatinska Zagora. As you ride across the old village of Citluk, you will be riding on some old stone Roman tracks and through the fields of Hrvace where you will enjoy some faster riding. You will be surprised by the variety of the terrain, flora and fauna. You will cross the old stone bridge to the romantic village of Panj, where you will have lunch by the river and enjoy some swimming.

After lunch the trail will continue through the fields and you will climb your way to the village of Vucipolje, which lies in a valley protected by the Dinara mountain. It is very beautiful here and the views are fantastic. Continuing on, you will come to the Dabar, one of the most beautiful canyons by the Peruca lake (this is one of the places where Winnettu films are made and attracts visitors because of the legend). You will have dinner by the campfire whilst listening to the lake. Tonight you will sleep in tents by the lake and enjoy some guitar playing and tales around the fire. Todays riding is about 5 hours in total.


You will wake up to enjoy the calm and stillness of the lakeside and breakfast will be fun in the early morning sun. It will be very peaceful and tranquil. The ride will continue through the old villages of Bitelic, passing by the old stone houses that will captivate you. You will ride down the stone tracks with wonderful views of the river and valley that lay in front of you.

After lunch by the Rumin river, where you can refresh yourself by the cleanest water in the world, you will ride back to the ranch. Dinner will be accompanied by homemade wine and schnapps and your hosts will entertain you with their guitar. Todays riding 5-6 hours.


After breakfast it is time for everyone to leave and say goodbye to their new friends and caring hosts, taking with you unforgettable memories of this truly amazing trail.

Due to the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the route and programme may have to be adapted.

Termine 2015:

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30.05.-06.06. 13.06.-20.06. 27.06.-04.07.
11.07.-18.07. 25.07.-01.08. 22.08.-29.08.
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03.10.-10.10. 10.10.-17.10.

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